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Design Portfolio   My general design portfolio. If you see only one of these shows, make it this one!
Retouching Portfolio   It’s not just retouching... it’s Digital Makeup!  Arrow-key back-and-forth between to compare the differences.
Property Managers   Creative marketing solutions for real property developers and residential community managers.
Infographics   New in my repertoire is the burgeoning field of Infographics, designed primarily for web-only use.
Realtor Realities   I’ve been doing some videos lately – primarily for Realtors. Here’s a simple showcase page for them.
Trucks Art Show   This guy used to park his derelict trucks in his yard. Drove everyone in the neighborhood nuts but me!
Photos Art Show   I love to take my photographs and make them come alive in Photoshop.  Is it art yet?
Photos A-B Demo   Before and after the magic happens! Arrow-key back-and-forth between to compare the differences.
Local Business   Some of the awful stuff local business comes up with, and how much better it gets!
Vanity Phone   Email blasts and more for a firm selling phone number solutions for business.
Online Marketing   Here’s how (and why) we can help your local business get lots of targeted traffic, without paying for clicks.
Why a Website?   If you’re asking yourself “Why do I need a website, anyway?” Here’s some reasonable answers.
Websites Recent   Here’s some links to a few websites I’ve built lately, with my very own hands and brains.
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